My Worst Cam Girl Experience

I thought I might share a negative experience I had a couple years ago with you guys, but only because I think it can be instructive and could potentially help some of you new cam girls avoid this kind of mistake. I don’t want you to think that this level of camming horror is typical, though, so don’t get the idea that you’ll probably run into this type of thing (in all honesty, you probably won’t). But, if you do, reading this should help you deal with it much better than I did.

Okay, this happened in my first year as a cam model, and I totally did everything wrong. I can see that now. But I did learn a valuable lesson that I want to pass on so that you guys can benefit from my hard-earned cam girl wisdom. Basically, the first regular I ever had turned in a Fatal Attraction psycho and almost ruined my life.

Maybe that’s a bit over-dramatic, I guess, but it sure felt like my life was coming apart at the time. This guy was really nice at first. He was super polite to me in public chat and would regularly show up whenever I went on cam. He started tipping me large amounts of tokens, and would even buy me very pricey things off of my wishlist. He was the perfect regular that all the cam models dream of. But then, one day, things got ugly.

He and I were having a nice little chat on Skype one night when, out of the blue, he said “I want come visit you.” I was a little shocked by it, since I had made clear from the beginning that all of my relationships with viewers and fans are strictly online-only. I didn’t meetup with anyone, and that was a hard rule.Well, he wasn’t having any of that.

He basically told me that he was different, that I should make an exception for him since he had given me so many gifts and had tipped at the level of a cam model goddess. I was like, “No, I appreciate all that, but I don’t think it would be proper to meet you in person.” He totally flipped his poop and went into a whole lecture about how you treat real friends. He made me feel like a complete witch who didn’t care about the emotional needs of my regulars. I backed down and told him that he was right, and that I would “think about” meeting up.

Well, turns out that was a HUGE mistake. He only started tipping me more, buying me more expensive gifts, and like a total fool, I accepted all of them. Even a really expensive watch that was so cute, I couldn’t resist. This only made him more insistent that we meet up, because he felt entitled to it.

To make a long story short, I ultimately told him that there was no way I could meet him, but that I hoped he would stay in touch online. He totally lost it. He threatened to find out where I lived, and then said that all of my family members would soon know I was camming. He really scared the crap out of me. Ultimately though, he didn’t follow through on any of his threats. He just went off and fell in love with another cam model. Pretty much forgot about me.

But what I learned from all this was that, as a cam girl, one of you first responsibilities is to make sure your regulars don’t fall in love with you. A lot of these guys mistake fantasy with reality a lot, and they can easily begin to interpret the intimate chats and intense privates as something more than just online fun. You need to recognize when a guy is getting in too deep, and shut him down early. It will definitely save you a lot of heartache in the long-run.


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