Become A Cam Girl at CamSoda

It’s been a long time since I found a cam site that really fits a curvy cam model like myself. I had been camming at for a long time before eventually dipping my toes at Chaturbate, then ending up at MyFreeCams. I never really did serious money at any of those sites, I think because I’m a thick girl with a big booty and small breasts, which just isn’t the type most of the big spenders go for. Well, I started camming at CamSoda a couple months ago, and everything has changed.

It really does matter what site a cam model chooses to concentrate on. I really busted my booty over at MyFreeCams for a long time, but was never able to get past $4k per month of income. But with CamSoda, I can pass that easily. It’s because CamSoda has traffic that is very different from the traffic that sites like Chaturbate and MFC get. It’s much more interested in thick girls who got dat booty.

I have a girlfriend who’s kind of skinny and flat-chested, no ass, who did horribly when she tried to be a cam model at CamSoda. But she tried MyFreeCams, and she’s already doing better than I ever did there. It’s like the opposite experience. She’s totally owning it on a site that I just couldn’t crack. I’m way happier at Cam Soda, and it just fits me much better.

The best advice I have for any of you guys who might want to be a cam girl there would be to make sure you show off your ass as much as possible. At CamSoda, a cam model with a nice booty almost always does well, so if you’ve got one, you need to put it front and center all the time while you’re on cam.

Big booty cam girls do better at CamSoda.

If you DON’T have booty, you need to at least be thickish. If not, you would definitely do better at either Chaturbate or MyFreeCams. Just remember not to take it personally when you fail at one particular cam site. Being a good cam model is all about testing lots of sites and seeing which ones will bring you the most money. Trust me, if you fail at one cam site, you might go straight to the top of another one. Cam girls who know this are the ones who make the big bucks!


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