Annoyed at Chaturbate Right Now

Okay, why in tarnation does Chaturbate not allow me to cash out daily, like they have said is now possible? I mean, I’ve been a cam model with them for like ages, and when I tried to take some money out before the end of the period, I was blocked by the system.
This certainly isn’t cool, and yes, I already put in a support request. I really hope they can fix this, because I have all sorts of traumas about not getting paid by cam sites.

When I began camming years ago, I was working for a shitty cam site that will remain nameless, and they didn’t pay me for 3 WHOLE MONTHS because of some stupid terms violation that I wasn’t even guilty of. It took them that long to investigate and see that I was right when I told them I was not in violation.

I’m so glad I moved on from that site, and Chaturbate has generally been great about paying on time (they’ve never bee late at all, if I’m honest). But I was really excited about this daily payout thing, and I guess I’m super disappointed. Will let you guys know what happens with this!


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